*CHESTER* in 1992


Tartu Dog Show - Estonia
January 11, 2014

Aneridee Cherokee Spirit * Orrine *
Open Class, Excellent 1, CQ, Best Bitch 1, CC, BOS
Judge: Otakar Vondrous - Czech Republic


FIN & EE Ch. ANERIDEE Exquisitely Bohemian
Rossi - our brand new double Champion ! :)
Rakvere Show, Estonia 20.4.2013 = CC +BOB

CIB & FI, LV, RUS Ch. ANERIDEE Rainbow Glitter

Our lovely Veteran


Double Show in RAKVERE - Estonia
April 20-21st, 2013

Our jolly good weeknd "catch" ;-)
1x CC, 1x Veteran CC, 1x Jun CC, 1x BOB, 1x BOS, 2x Vet BOB, 1x JUN BOB


April 21st, 2013
judge: Chi judge : Petru Muntean, Romania

The star of today was our Junior CHIRON ♥ => Jesse James Adorable Puppy
At his 2nd show
Jun Class : Excellent +CQ, Jun 1, Jun CC, BOB Junior, Best Dog -3

Jesse James ADORABLE Puppy
Rakvere Show, Estonia 21.4.2013 = Jun CC & BOB Junior
Chiron at 15 months old

Jun BOB => Jesse James Adorable Puppy
Jun BOS => Ziraline's Super Star

Chiron's "big" moments

table standing is not Chiron's favoritwe hobby, lol

Striding for the Jun CC

Cavalier judge : Ch. Jouanchicot - France
Saro - Excellent, Veteran CC, BOB - Veteran, Best Bitch 3
Rossi - Excellent, Best Dog 3

April 20th, 2013
judge: Ramune Kazlauskaite - Lithuania

ANERIDEE Exquisitely Bohemian
Open Class - Excellent 1 +CQ, CC, Best Dog 1, BOB => EE & FI Champion

What a happy day for Carolina and Rossi ! They have DONE it ! ;-)

Carolina showing off in the BIG ring our brand new Double Champion ;)


C.I.B. & Multi Ch. ANERIDEE Rainbow Glitter ( Over 10 years old ! )
Veteran Class - Excellent 1+CQ, Vet CC, Best Bitch 1, BOS => EE Veteran Champion

Carolina and Saro - the couple in harmony and love ................. very proud of you both !

Carolina and Saro trainingn for the BIG ring

Saro and Carolina showing off in the BIG ring :-)


Jesse James ADORABLE Puppy *CHIRON*

Chiron's very first show, and we were so lucky to have such a kind and soft handed judge ......
she liked Chiron, and he liked her ;-)

There were few moment Chiron was not very willing to co-operate ;)

..... especially when some got cookies and Chiron did not :-))

what's the fuss ?? - thinks Chiron

Jun Class, Excellent, CQ , Jun - 2
for the first show it went very well :))


Few pics from the trip to Estonia

Saro, Rossi and Chiron in the cabin of the VIIKINGLINE car-ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn

Carolina preparing the dog dinner in the hotel room in Rakvere :-)

waiting for the dinner in Rakvere restaurant :-)
while Rossi and Saro were resting in the hotel, Chiron insisted to come along to the reastaurant
with Kari, Carolina and Irena .....

---------- Chiron's few "tantrums " before the show -------

Chiron's "moral support" for the puppy training in the Chi - ring :-))

Chiron pulling to the cage full of big boys, trying to pee on their cage to show his great allmighty ! ;))))

Girls, girls, girls .... all the lovely girls !

Tired from the long day, Saro and Rossi back in the hotel with their winnig ribbons

Saro, Chiron & Rossi in Carolina's bed

After a long day at the show, Chiron did not need a long story to fall asleep ;-))

In cabin of Viikingline car-ferry on the way home to Helsinki
Kari, Chiron, Rossi and Saro

It was a good trip ! ;)

Our first new Champion in 2013 ;)
Jun CZ & CZ Ch. ANERIDEE Comanche Morning Sun

Morris is owned and loved by family Zalesky - Czech Republic
Congratulations !

Beautiful Morris
( all pics of Morris @ by J. Zalesky )

Our new Champion end of year 2012
FIN & EE Ch. ANERIDEE Salsa Passion " Mirka " ;-)

Mirka is owned and loved by Martine & Matti Raukko
Congratulations !

Mirka - the pretty crowned queen laying down
- with her sitting up companion ANERIDEE Comanche Hi Spirit *Misty*
( pic April 2013 @ by Raukko )

!! CAVALIER Of the Year 2012 in FINLAND
C.I.B. & Multi Ch. ANERIDEE Rainbow Glitter was 6th Best Veteran from 5 shows !!

We are very proud od Saro ........... !


April 28th, 2012
INT Show LAHTI - Finland
Judge: Davida Brown - New Zeland

CIB & FI, LV, RUS Ch. ANERIDEE Rainbow Glitter

*Saro* was the STAR of the ANERIDEE team today :-)
Veteran Class : Excellent 1, Sertificate Quality, Best Bitch Veteran
& BOB Veteran :-)

Co-owned by Nina T. and handeled by Carolina

March 3/4th 2012
Double Show in TALLINN - Estonia

March 4th

Sonja & Gilroy Von Der Hohenzollernfeste/ BOS = Judge: Andrzej Stepinski - Poland = Carolina & Mirka /BOB

ANERIDEE Salsa Passion *Mirka*
Open Class = Excellent 1, Best Bitch, CC, BOB

ANERIDEE Exquisitely Bohemian *Rossi*
Open Class = 4th


judge Andrzej Stepinski & Rossi
just love this picture showing joyful judging

Rossi & Carolina

March 3rd

BOS /Carolina & Rossi = Judge: Vija Klucniece - Latvia = BOB / Royal Fantasy Firefly

ANERIDEE Exquisitely Bohemian *Rossi*
Open Class = Excellent 1, Best Dog, CC, BOS

ANERIDEE Salsa Passion *Mirka*
Open Class = Excellent 3


International Dog Show - HELSINKI Winner 2011 / 3.12.2011
Judge & breed specialist : Hans Boelaars - Holland

Wonderful way to finish the show year 2011 !

Breeders Class : ANERIDEE - 2nd place + Prize Of Honor :) = very proud !!

Carolina & Martine
and 4 x Excellent ANERIDEE
Exquisitely Bohemian, Cherokee Spirit, Rainbow Glitter and Salsa Passion

BOS Veteran Dog =Multi Ch. Babbler's Gene Russe = judge Hans Boelaars =
BOB Veteran = CIB & Multi CH. ANERIDEE Rainbow Glitter with Carolina

Carolina & Saro => BOB Veteran :-)

Carolina and Saro - at 9 years old Saro has a clear heart :)

GOLDEN Oldies :
Multi Ch. Babbler's Gene Russe - BOS Vet ( congratulations :)
& BOB Veteran = CIB & Multi CH. ANERIDEE Rainbow Glitter *Saro*

Cavalir Club Show - Lohja October 9th 2011
Judge for dogs: Pam Craig - UK
Judge for bitches : Anne Moffat - UK

Lovely arrangement by the Show comitee of the Finnsih Cavalier Club


ANERIDEE Exquisitely Bohemian *Rossi*
Intermediate Class - Excellent 1+ Sertificate Quality, CC, Best Dog-3 :-)
( from 70 boys )


last time at Intermediate Class
Rossi and his Cup, CC & SQ ribbons

Rossi standing so handsome, well done Carolina ! :-)

Carolina and Rossi concentrating in the ring

CC and no cookies in the Cup ???? :( what a dissapointment !


Progeny Class : Ch. BABBLER'S Pafddington

Rossi with Carolina also participaed in Rossi's father winning the progeny class


ANERIDEE Cherokee Spirit

Open Class - Excellent

Our beautiful Orrine in full coat just 5 months after pupipes !! :-)



Cavalier SPECIALITY Show - Lohja May 29th, 2012
Judge for dogs : Robert Payne - UK / Judge for bitches : Katie Sloan - UK

Orrine & Rossi winning
The Best Pair In Show :-)

Our treasured Best Pair ANERIDEE
Cherokee Spirit & Exquisitely Bohemian


Rober Payne judging Rossi

ANERIDEE Exquisitely Bohemian *Rossi *
Intermediate Class : Excellent 2 + Sertificate Quality

ANERIDEE Cherokee Spirit *Orrine *
Open Class : Excellent + Sertificate Qaulity,
pulled among the 10 best bitches but not placed

Carolina and Rossi relaxing after the show :))

Orrine was ready to go home :)



In competition Breeder Of The Year 2010 in Finland at the moment,
ANERIDEE kennel holds 8th place among the 10 best,
competing just with 4 dogs during the year 2010


October 31st, 2010
Judge: Markku Kipinä - Finland

Our show-star of the day was ANERIDEE Cherokee Spirit

* Orrine * got Excellent and won her Open Class from 14 bitches

October 10th, 2010
HÄMEENLINNA/Tuulos - Finland
Judge: Elisabeth Olsen - Norway

Our show-star of the day was ANERIDEE Salsa Passion

* Mirka * got Excellent, Open Class 4th => from 21 bitches. Nami !

September 5th, 2010
TAMPERE - Finland
Judge: Jolanda Nagler - Israel

Breeders Class : ANERIDEE - 2nd place + Prize Of Honor :)

ANERIDEE Salsa Passion - ANERIDEE The Famous Grouse - ANERIDEE Cherokee Spirit - ANERIDEE Exquisitaly Bohemian

Martine and * Mirka - Fiona - Orrine - Rossi => the odd one out ;)) and Carolina

Delighted with the kennel critic by J. Nagler :

Typical & Balanced. Correct proportions of head. Good Expression, earset.
Ballanced neck and correct body. Good coat & texture of coat.
Sound movement, good drive.

Thank to Martine, Tiia and Mae ( Ramsan Kennel ) for lending handling hands in the Breeder's Class ! ;)


ANERIDEE The Famous Grouse

Excellent, INT-MED-1, Best Bitch 4
Co-owned by Pirkko K. & ANERIDEE kennel


Brigitte Bardot GARDYTH =>
mother INT Ch. ANERIDEE Tia Maria

Excellent, JUN-2
Co-owned by Tiia K. & ANERIDEE kennel.

*Fiona & Freya*
Thank you Tiia & Pirkko for looking after the girls so very well !

ANERIDEE Exquisitely Bohemian

Excellent, JUN-1
not placed in 4best dogs but picked in the line as 5th :)

Tricolour Rossi and his Harem of 4 B/T girls in Tampere ;))
from left : Mirka, Fiona, Freya, Orrine, Rossi
Thanks Martine ( + Matti) for
being such a great member of the ANERIDEE team !

September 4th, 2010
HELSINKI - Finland
Judge: Dick J. Baars - Holland

ANERIDEE Salsa Passion - and her owner & handler Martine

*Mirka* & Martine made us proud once again !

*Mirka* = Excellent, OPEN class-1, Best Bitch-2, reserved CC

ANERIDEE Cherokee Spirit

*Orrine* - Excellent, OPEN class-2, Best Bitch-4

From 8 bitches in Open Class, only our two girls got Excellent
and both were placed in 4 Best Bitches ! :)

August 22nd, 2010
HEINOLA - Finland
Judge: Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki - Finland

ANERIDEE Cherokee Spirit
*Orrine* = Excellent, OPEN class-1, Best Bitch-2, CC :)

What's that ?

Any Goodies in the cup ??

August 21st, 2010
KOUVOLA - Finland
Judge: Alberto Cuccillato - Italy

ANERIDEE Exquisitaly Bohemian
*Rossi* = Excellent, JUN-1
ANERIDEE Cherokee Spirit
*Orrine* = Excellent, OPEN class-4

July 24th, 2010
HELSINKI - Finland
Judge: Marie Hogarty - Irland

Breeders Class : ANERIDEE - 3rd place + Prize Of Honor :)

ANERIDEE Exquisitaly Bohemian - ANERIDEE Salsa Passion - ANERIDEE Bohemian Knight - ANERIDEE Cherokee Spirit

Carolina + Rossi, Martine + Mirka, Mirva + Kasper and Masa + Orrine

ANERIDEE -3rd- (mix Tri & B/T) => congratulations to BALETTAS -1st place ! (all Blenheims) + BABBLERS -2nd place (all Tri )

( thank to Martine, Mirva and Masa for helping in the Breeder's Class ! ;)
picture M. Raukko

Carolina+Orrine, Martine+Mirka - Open Class
picture M. Raukko

Mirka was handled for the first time by her owner Martine, and placed nicely 2nd in Open Class !
Well done Martine & Mirka !! :o)
picture M. Raukko

Orrine placed 4th in Open Class -
it was nice to have 2 girls placed in first four, from 11 bitches in Open clas.
picture M. Raukko

ANERIDEE Exquisitely Bohemian - 1st time in Junior Class

*Rossi* = Excellent, JUN-3

Rossi => " this Excellent Ribbon is MINE ! "

Rossi was entered to 4 Shows only as a puppy, placed in all 4 and collected a few Puppy class treasures :)

July 11th, 2010
KARJAA - Finland
Judge : Marja Kosonen - Finland

The hottest show day ever - over + 33 C !

ANERIDEE Exquisitely Bohemian - last time in Puppy Class

* Rossi *

*Rossi* = Puppy Dog-1 + Prize Of Honor, BOB -Puppy

Rossi's Puppy Class ended as it started => BOB-Puppy !
Shown only 4 times : 4 Prize Of Honor, 1x- BOS puppy + 2x BOB puppy

In Karjaa - show ring, Rossi met his lovely Great-Great Grandfather Thomas = >
INT & Multi Ch. Crawfor Caprio ( breeder/ owner -T. Poikolainen)

*Thomas* at 12 years old, BOB - Veteran + Best Dog -2 !!

*THOMAS * on the move at 12 years old => what a boy !

BOB Veteran *Thomas* - 12 years old and BOB Puppy *Rossi* - 9 months old

Thomas + Rossi => standing to attention to their owners :)

Well done BOYS, especially Thomas !


ANERIDEE Cherokee Spirit

* ORRINE * = our lovely and shining black jewel :))
Open Class - EXCELLENT - 1

*ORRINE * only at her second show ever - would have made our aunt Jana proud !

Orrine & Carolina => make a great team ;)

July 4th, 2010
FORSSA - Finland
Judge :
E. Liljekvist-Borg - Sweden

Great show-day in Forssa :)

ANERIDEE Salsa Passion = > something to "smile" about

*Mirka* = Open Class - Excellent-1, Best Bitch-2 + CC !

*Mirka* owned by M. Raukko
=> "The Drama Queen" guarding her precious CC-ribbon + the cup

* * *
Also our naughty boy has done well in his Puppy Class :)

ANERIDEE Exquisitely Bohemian

*Rossi* = Puppy Dog-2 + Prize Of Honor

June 6th, 2010
TALLIN - ESTONIA - INT & Winner 2010
Judge : Joyce Shipley - UK

ANERIDEE Salsa Passion


Since 8 Cavaliers were given grade Very Good + 1 Good,
we were glad Mirka got Excellent - 4 in Open Class

Nice black & tan bitch, with nicely leveled back, nice bone, good chest, pretty head,
moved very well, nice coat

Mirka showing off :)

Open class
Carolina & Mirka (next to the judge )
standing so very nicely for the judge's selection

all pictures by Terje - Estonia ( thank you ! :)

May 23th, 2010
HAMINA - INT = Finland
Judge : Anne Sume - Estonia -

ANERIDEE Exquisitely Bohemian

Prize of Honor, Best Puppy Dog + Best Oposite Sex Puppy :)

Quickly posing with new ribbons, the cup and off to Chester's park to chase some birds and relax.

hmm, wish the BOB puppy girl came back home with me instead of the cup & ribbons :))

All the picture-posing is boooooring ! - where is my cookie ??

- and were is Mirka ( ANERIDEE Salsa Passion ) to pose with me ??
She got Excellent in her Open Class -

The final moments in the ring

( thanks to M. Aalto for the pics )

April 24th, 2010
LAHTI- INT = Finland

Judge : Sara Nordin - Sweden - 87 Cavaliers

ANERIDEE Cherokee Spirit

Never show-trained & 1st Show ever,
Orrine was handled by Carolina

Open Class = 20 bitches
Orrine got Excellent, as only 9 others.
Not placed among the 4 but got super critique ! :)

Back home from the Show, Orrine was much happier to play with her favorite duck toy :-)

March 28th, 2010
Helsinki - PUPPY SHOW - Kaapelitehdas -
Judge :
Marja Salminen - 21 Cavalier puppies

ANERIDEE Exquisitely Bohemian
Standing on the table was not much to Rossi's liking yet but the rest went quite well.

Carolina & *Rossi* at his very 1st puppy show :)

many nice boys

and many nice girls ;)

Rossi won his 5-7 months class
and got Prize Of Honor to be able to continue

though he would have much prefered just to fool around .....

somehow he managed to win the lovely puppy boy
from class 7-9 months old and made it to the
Best Puppy Boy

for BOB puppy he went back to the ring with a cute girl,
class winner 7-9months old & Best Puppy Girl => Of Star-Dust Cornelia

and Rossi snatched the Best Of Breed Puppy for himself ....

( all above pictures owned by Heikki Kuosa - Laritin kennel -
thank you for sharing them with us and for your comapany ! )

Later in front of the BIG ring

Rossi started to yawn ....
and took a nap = to stay healthy in body, mind and soul ;)

no beautiful cup from this table was destined for Rossi,
maybe because one of the posters was upside down ;)

with all the winners of group 9, Rossi marched with Carolina courageously
in front of the judges and did his best to stand again for a split second ;)

at home quick posing for Rossi with his ribbons and a cup

any cookies ??

NO cookies in the cup :(

long, strange and a bit tiring day - out of frustration
Rossi took it out on his BOB puppy rosette ....

March 6th, 2010

Judge : Hans Almgren - Sweden

ANERIDEE Salsa Passion

*Mirka* in Tallinn
Open Class : Excellent-1, Best Bitch-1, CC, BOS
Black & Tan bitch with beautiful head and expression.
Strong jaw, good stop, lovely ear placement. Firm topline,
nicely balanced between bone and body. Open temperament.
Beautifull coat, rich tan colour. Moves and carried herself.

First trip abroad for Mirka went well ;))


Our " Show DIVA" for this year in Finland =>
made us very proud at the last and very prestigeous show of the year
Mirka WON her Intermediate Class ! :)

ANERIDEE Salsa Passion

*Mirka* was handled in the rings by Carolina

Our big thanks to Mirka's family for keeping her healthy, happy,
in great show condition and most of all - for loving her so much !

December 13th 2009 - Helsinki INT
Judge: Christian Geelmuyden - Norway
Excellent + Intermediate Class - 1

December 12th 2009 - Helsinki INT
Judge: Annukka Paloheimo - Finland
Excellent, Intermediate Class - 3

Helsinki Jul 26th 2009
Judge: Eva Rautala - Finland
from 5 dogs bred by us present, Mirka placed best, improving each time :)
Excellent, Junior -2

Karjaa - Jul 12th 2009
judge: Seamus Oates - Irland
Excellent, Junior- 3

Tuusula - July 4th 2009
judge: Ernie Paterson - UK

Excellent, Junior- 4

Helsinki - May 30th 2009,

ANERIDEE Salsa Passion

- picture by Sanna Iivonen
Excellent, Junior- 2
Owned and loved by M. Raukko & family

ANERIDEE Supreme Amun

( picture by Irena )

Helsinki Show - May 30th 2009
Excellent, Junior-1, Best Dog - 3, res. CC

pictures by Irena

Luciano handled by Carolina - May 30th 2009

- picture by Sanna Iivonen
Luciano is owned and loved by T. Tretjakov & family

Helsinki Eucanuba Show - July 26th 2009
judge Eva Rautala - Finland
Breeders Class : ANERIDEE - 2nd place + Price Of Honour

ANERIDEE Salsa Passion, ANERIDEE Merit Amun, ANERIDE C'est La Vie & ANERIDEE Bohemian Knight

Martine & Mirka, Carolina & Titine, Marja & Tallula and Sanna & Kasper

*Satin* - pictured below is Luciano's and Mirka's litter sister

ANERIDEE Super Sateen

NVP BRNO - 18.10.2009 - Czech Republic
judge: Mgr. Božena Ovesná - CZ

Intermediate Class: Excellent 1, CC

National Show in Olomouc - Czech Republic - 11.1.2009
judge: O. Dolejsova - CZ

First time in Junior Class
*Satin* got Excellent-1, won her B/T class,
got Jun-CC & won Best Junior Bitch !

*Satin* is owned and loved by I. Kocianova - Czech Republic !
Well done, girls!


ANERIDEE Simply Majestic

*Dudley* picture by Sara Supply
owner: R.Rimmi - Finland

Dudley was handled by Carolina in just a few shows
in Junior Class in 2008
best result :
Excellent, Jun-2, Best Dog-4

* Dudley * Karjaa -2008

*Dudley* was showen only twice in puppy class
and placed 2x - Best puppy dog,

1x Best Of Breed Puppy
1x Best Opposite Sex Puppy


ANERIDEE Dancing Queen

* Tereza * -2007

Our Ruby girl Tereza has danced in the rings for two years
nd placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th in her classes



Our "showy " Veteran Dixie "


Porvoo - all 4 colours
BOB Breeder
Judge: Dianna Spavin, GB