OUR Private ZOO

Our 4 Cockatiels

Quarrion Wings CAMARO- boy, son of Corinna and Carrera was born in our home.
He loves to watch out from behind the window and is eager to learn
and whistle new tunes, especially when TV-news starts ! ;)

Quarrion Wings AMARIT- girl (Pearl colour) was born in our home.
From the 4 Tiels, she is so far the best tamed, cuddly, gives kisses
and is very beautiful ! <3

CARRERA (White-face= more rare colour) and peeking behind
is his wife Corinna

CORINNA - (Pearl-pied colour)
Corinna and Carrera are very devoted couple and parents

Cockatiel Siesta above the window

Family meeting

Our Tiels are let every day to enjoy the freedom of flying around.

Amarit resides with Camaro and Carrera with his Corinna.
Carrera is forever in love with Corinna only :-)

Christmas gathering - December 2009
=> listening to Chirstmas carrols and Camaro as always singing along ;)

Amarit loves to cuddle and kiss ....