NEWS & Events

- 2013 -

ANERIDEE Savannah & her Mum Aneridee Cherokee Spirit

Savana & Orrine

March 17th, 2013

Irena took the flight from Helsinki to Vienna with Savana,
where they were met by Viera and Edo, to take Savana to her new home in Bratislava - Slovakia

It was wonderful to meet the family freinds again :-)

Edo's belated birthday present - Savana tried her best to charm him :-)

Safely at Lemna Minor Cavalier home kennel in Bratislava,
oddly enough Savana made best freinds with young Casia - the beautiful Chodsky Pes breed :-)
picture owned by E. Stloukal


Our new hope ANERIDEE Mississippi - *SISSI* with her mother *ORRINE*

Sissi & Orrine

SISSI in her new new home - co-owned with H. Leskinen

Midsummer 2012 with Marine & Matti

Lovely garden full of blossoms all around

Rats, the ducks are not real !

Matti and Mirka

Martine cuddling with Chiron

Kari cuddling with Misty

Rossi sitting so handsome

Wink !
Chiron "owns" the preety girls Mirka and Misty

Treats were given to all

Lovely peaceful corner to relax :-)

May 19th - Prague

We got a new family mini pet & Irena's Traveling Toy Companion
Chihuahua = > ♥ CHIRON ♥

Bred by Vladimir & Renata Mrazek
kennel name = > Jesse James Adorable Puppy
Orrine & Rossi are progressing in teaching Chiron daily to fit in with them as Cavalier in disguise :-))

Chiron has his new own page : Chihuahua :-)

February 8th
Chester's Park : - 18 degree Celsius in Munkkiniemi

Crispy walk ! :)

Rossi & Orrine - our paws are fereezing !

Rossi the lonely runner

we had enough, lets go home

lovely sunset in Munkkiniemi

January 18th
Winter runs in Rossi's Wood

Carolina training obedience with Orrine and Rossi

Rossi & Orrine

our Snow Queen Orrine

Rossi - the Snow King

winter rabbit :-)

one can even meet a bear in the Finnish woods :-)

Happiness IS - running together :-)

Human Golden Oldies - Kari and Irena :-))

New Year's Magic :-)
Janary 1st, 2012 spent with our dear friends

- 2011 -

January 12th , 2011

Winter walks in ROSSI's Wood's :)

Carolina with ( from the left ) Cherie, Orrine, Rossi and Dixie

Our wonderfull 13 years old treasure Cherie also still enjoys a walk
and snow is always tempting to put her nose into :-)

Rossi's park is a large place and at this time of a year its a true
Winter Wonderland.
There were tons of snow in Finland this year, nice to look at or ski on
but walking was possible only on man-made paths

There are all kinds of decorations of animals
made from wood

Our favorite is this lovely Owl

To sit on the benches in the winter is hardly tempting,
in summer its another story :)

All our four dogs love it, but for young Rossi its his paradise !

Right and left - there is always something to watch for :)

Orrine and our two Golden Oldies - Cherie and Dixie
must wait for Rossi almost at each turn, until his nose allows him to follow us at last ! ....

... and then he comes runnig at full speed ! :)

Rossi - our handsome boy

In the white blinding snow, all happy just before getting into the car to get back home and rest.
From left - Cherie-13 years, Dixie over 12 years, Rossi over 1year
and Orrine 5 years - in whelp which did not even show ! :)

- 2010 -

Happy Birthday !
ROSSI is one year old !
October 22nd 2010

Rossi - 1 year

raw & best quality Birthday Beef-Cake with biscuits made up by Carolina
was so happily shared by Cherie, Dixie, Orrine and also André & Clooney

1 year old Rossi relaxing after his birthday party

One of Orrine's favorite pass time at home is watching TV !
Animal channels are very welcome and usually watched from the sofa -
but being the ball girl she is - the best fun is watching football really closely !

" Come on! Come on ! Do something with the ball ! "

" Oh good, at last ! - and there it goes soooo high up ! Lovely ! I wish I could run after it myself ! "

Autumn-day full of joy in Chester's park
October 3rd, 2010

Cherie, Dixie, Orrine and Rossi standing to attention

Our 2 lovely Golden Oldies girls - Dixie 11years 11months, Cherie 12years 8months

Cherie watching the crows

Rossi starting his daily excersize while Orrine and Dixie "graze"

Dixie - the almost 12 years old Black Bullet still loves to give a chase !

Dixie, Orrine, Rossi

Orrine is always ready to keep running company to anyone !
who is who ?? Dixie on the left, Orrine on the right catching up with her grandmother

even Cherie still joins in the occasional run,
her "wise" years showing but still so prettty!

nobody can match Rossi in running .... what a young sport !

Rossi's new frisby toy => how on earth does one manage it ?

Maybe just grabing it tight anywhere and run with it !

getting the hang of it !

I am going to catch it no problem !

and bingo!
What a fun ! :)

September 12th, 2010

Perfect sunny autumn day to enjoy together
=> Cherie, Rossi, Dixie and Orrine

Cherie, now 12 years+7months, does everything in her own pace

and for the three, the chace is on -
at the back our "Flying Veteran Dixie " = now 11 years+10months old

Dixie at the back does not want to be left too much behind Rossi and Orirne in the lead :)

The Goldest Oldie Cherie just watches on to make sure all is OK with the running fools

Dixie and the two young Mischiefs !

Orrine takes over Rossi ;)

but not for long !

Catch me if you can !

and Rossi doing his STUNTS - and survining it ! - display of correct hair colouring even under his tail ! ;))

The joy for our running veteran Dixie is very visible
Her breeder Sue called her "The Black Bullet" and Dixie lives up to that name still :)

Dixie, Orrine and Rossi

Fun & games for our "Lucky clover "
Cherie at the back minding her own business, while fooling around from the left are =>
Dixie, Orrine and Rossi - the jolly Casanova!

or the running Stunt-man

and finally "cooling off" before going back home ..................

August 24th 2010

We HAVE puppies ! ;)

July 13th - 20th 2010
WELCOME to our cottage

So much new, Rossi did not know what to do first !

Our Golden Oldies, Dixie and Cherie knew the place well
from before, so they tried out at once their favorite armchair
brought long ago from Thailand

All in all, Cherie thinks its her armchair
since she was a puppy 12 years ago ......

.... and she makes sure everyone understands her point of view !

.... she also likes this place

and that as well ! :))

Cherie - the treasure

dining room

with a lovely view at the lake

and on the left side the Cherie's famous armchair

real old cubboard for dishes

our bedroom

with bed fortunately long enough for all four .....

Carolina's bed

living room with fire place

some wall decorations

relaxing corner

and a place to read for Carolina

or what ever to do for Rossi ....

missed out pictures of other bedroom and kitchen ......

Cherie at cottage veranda with Tiggi guarding her foot :-)

Tiggi is 10 years old Rescue Turtle we got when he was only 4months old
He is well used to dogs and they love to clean his vegetble bowl daily .....

Tiggi on the loose

Tiggi roaming free

at last something to eat !

Veranda from the outside

Rossi in front of the cottage

Bossy Rossi marking his teritory

"and NOW its all mine ! "

good view from here as well

and Orrine thinks so too

"one can get used to this "

sauna view from veranda

path to the sauna

view from the sauna - a baby seagull in the middle of the lake

one of the seagul parent
watching out for its baby-seagull

another visitor near sauna

the best view ever from any WC ! ;)

Rossi =>
the Toy-terrosist, demanding his ball to be thrown over,

and over,

and over again .... !

only the gate at veranda keeps Rossi from mischief

Goldies Dixie and Cherie dreaming away on the veranda

Blueberry-Boy Rossi -
both Orrine and Rossi learnt fast to pick up the blueberries from
bushes straight to their mouth !

Cherie and Dixie knew from previous years, but now they prefer
to steal some freshly picked blueberries from the blueberry pot :)

Rossi - the blueberry snatching Master!

Cherie - the treasured oldest Goldie

Cherie - 12 years and 5months old
+ the Queen Of The Swing

Dixie 11 years and 8 months old
+ the beautiful Cottage Diva

way to the lake and the peer

The chase off to the peer -
and who else than Rossi in the lead !

"Looky, looky
- something we young ones have not seen before!"

"what's that ? LOTS of some water ! "

Rossi & Orrine => " WOW - its a lake ! "

and there they are all on the peer !
Orrine, Cherie, Dixie and Rossi


The great photographer Carolina guarded by Orrine

our Lucky Clover

to swim or not to swim - what a guestion ?!

Irena swam many times every day
inspite of her ruptured ligament in her shoulder -

and this was the view she had from the steps before getting up back onto the peer
* Rossi & Orrine *

after everyone dipped in the lake - it was great resting together

enjoying himself and the cottage freedom .....

berries at the peer

lake views

feels almost like an island with lake all around

where ever you look !

Orrine on guard !

Orrine - the Detective!

Orrine and Rossi spotting something odd ....

Everyobody come and look ! - would you believe the cheek ?

3 intruding duckies !

very "cool" young ducks

swam nearer to the the peer to have a look at the dogs

born around the cottage, they also claim their teritory


swiming around lots of water- lillies

oh well, at least something new to watch .... cute duckies after all !

" And what are you all the time staring at, you silly dogs ?
I could easily be the Best Of Duck Breed ! "

He, He

never mind the ducks - who is coming over there ??

" I am not quite sure, must have a better look ! "

" Hooray - visitors ! I can pester Mirka for a change :)) "

Welcome to our cottage, would you have cookies ?

Matti and Kari

Martine & Mirka and Matti staying over night :)

" I am learning to swim for the first time in my life ....
who will join me ? "

Rossi first - " oh my god, I lost ground under my feet !"

Orrine second - " oh dear, so did I ! "

Mirka third - " good grief, this is weird ! "

Orrine getting the hang of it

and Orrine starts to enjoy it !

Mirka likes now swiming as well

Rossi -
" as long as the water does not get to my nose, I like it too ! "

Rossi - " must remeber the nose up .... "

Cool swimmer at last !

Wet is Great !

Orrine drying up on the peer

Orrine - one gets a bit tired in this "hectic" cottage life

=> so one must get a snooze in between to be ready for posing !

before visitors departed - posing from the left => Dixie, Rossi, Mirka, Cherie and Orrine

Most beautifull sun-set

so very special in colour

Rossi a bit tired but such a happy cottage boy

last day before leaving back to the "joys" of the City .....
Kari + our 4-Clover => Rossi & his girls Orrine, Cherie & Dixie

Swing in the sunshine !

June 10th 2010
We give our dogs a life of daily freedom, just like today = > every day !

Today has been a lovely summer day full of sunshine in Helsinki :)
Carolina with our four-clover pack in Chester's park

youngest Rossi has to be up front everywhere these days ....

4 play- lucky clover with Irena

3 girls + Macho boy

Cherie at 12 years + 4months

Dixie at 11 years + 7 months

Dixie & Cherie
and even our two precious Golden Oldies enjoyed a nice run

the clever girls they are - after a while they just sat together,
relaxed and watched the two young "fools" playing around

and there was plenty to watch !

Orrine & Rossi the Cassanova

and when Orrine had enough,
Rossi continued to clown around all by himself ....

" Rossi - Rossiini "
" Hoppalon Cassidy " ....... " Dumbo The Great "

" Speedy Gonzales "

and finally slightly tired, laughing Rossi was ready
at long last to pose standing still .....

ANERIDEE Exquisitely Bohemian

* Rossi *
our naughty boy

Family portret
Carolina & from the left - Dixie, Cherie, Rossi & Orrine

May 23rd 2010

While ANERIDEE Exquisitely Bohemian *Rossi*
won his little cup for BOS-puppy -

- the very evening Irena's country men
The Boys from Bohemia beated Russia
and won for the Czech Republic GOLD medal
in the World Winner Ice Hockey Championship Cup 2010!


Carolina & Irena were invited by the King Charles Club of Finland
to judge their Match Show in Helsinki, May 20th 2010

Carolina judged big breeds & Veterans = >
pictured Carolina's red ribbon winners

Big breeds winner Veteran

Winner and 2nd place small breeds Veterans

Small breeds were judged by M. Kurittu => her 5 winners of red ribbons

M. Kurittu's small breeds 5 winners of blue ribbons

Irena judged puppies => 5 winners of red ribbons

Irena's 5 winners of blu ribbons

Puppies and Veterans are always so special in their own way ;)

BIS was a lovely young Great Dane

Martine came to train with Mirka - ANERIDEE Salsa Passion -
before their 1st official dog show together and made a nice looking team :)

Lovely Mirka - we are very proud of this sparkling black jewel !

April 8th, 2010

Lovely Lotta came to spend weekend with us and participated with
Sienna, Rossi and Mirka in "show training" at Club Show :))

Very usefull training and we were very pround of them all !

unlike the judge, Sienna's "Mum" paid attention to Sienna at all times ;))

for the 1st "training" => it was well done S & S !

It was ever so nice to meet outside almost 13 years old Tessa = JABLEN Rachelina with her owner
and we managed to get a precious photo of Tessa!
She is THE very lovely g.g. great-grandmother of our B/T's Titine, Mirka, Satin, Luciano and Philip ;))

2nd trip to Prague with Rossi in April 2010

Rossi is a good traveler, he traveled by plane, cars, trams and Metro (Underground)

Prague spring time was in full swing, sunny days, green grass
and lovely blossoms everywhere :-)

Tulips at aunt's Jana garden

Aunt Jana's Red Flames

Rossi enjoyed himself every day, long walks, meeting new dogs friends, children, people
& invented his own ball games

After that long winter full of snow, spring and the grass is just great !

Aneta, Rossi & 16.4. name-day flower for Irena :)

Rossi's biggest love in Prague is Aneta

The super lovely couple

Aneta & Rossi always so happy together

Fun-time in Chester's park - March 15th

Speeding knotted ball of B/T+Ruby+Tricolour
=> Orrine-visiting Harwey+ Rossi

Rossi - the Tricolour cangaroo :)

+ in the air!

Rossi and Harwey

Cherie had enough of all the speeding youngsters
- behind her playing Orrine + Harwey

a race for a cookie!
Orrine in the lead, close behind is Harwey, Rossi trying to catch up,
Dixie doing her best at 11 years old, and last off is Cherie
- the wise 12 years old - she knows she will get her treat anyway !

all posing before leaving for home
Orrine, Rossi, Dixie, Cherie + visitor Harwey the Ruby

Trip to Tallinn - February 5-6th

ANERIDEE Salsa Passion *Mirka* - and Carolina
left from Helsinki to Tallinn by ship called Superstar :)

and Twinkle-Star Mirka made herself confortable in cabin at once !

Arrived to Tallinn only late in the evening, Mirka was carefully
observing all new she saw was amazing at a home of a friend ;)

two lovely dog friends,

- a beautifull cat and splendid orchid !

Saturday morning

waiting to go to a dog show in Tallin

CC + BOS = show went well but very tireing day -

- so Mirka takes a nap before sailing back home .....

Mirka in ship's cabin on the way home

- not enough light for a nice picture .... and
"getting boring ! some cookie would be more welcome "
thinks Mirka :)

ANERIDEE Cherokee Spirit is back in Helsinki

*ORRINE* arrived from Prague to Helsinki
February 22nd 2010

*ORRINE * with her 11 years old grandmother
FIN Ch. PENQUITE Sonata => *Dixie*

Happy Valentine's day - February 14th

Our two Golden Oldies - Dixie 11 years and Cherie 12 years old
on Valetine's run, while Rossi is watching behind

Everywhere just tons of snow .....

Rossi Grew out of his first green winter jacket

and got his new "Snoopy" one ;)

"I can be faster than Valentino Rossi =>

and more handsome than Rudolf Valentino ! "

This posing on the snow is ever so boring !

.... not to mention my paws are getting soooo cold, could you warm me up ?

This is better,

now lets go home .....

How nice to be home => Cherie and Rossi defrosted


ANERIDEE Exqusitely Bohemian

January 28th 2010 *Rossi*
celebrated his 3months+ 2 weeks in Prague - Bohemia ==> true to his name ! :)

Trip by plane went very well and to rest at home on a soft pillow was very rewarding !

.... making friends with family member Aneta was ever so easy =

=> it was love at the first site for both ! ..........

Landing back in Helsinki at midnight in a snow storm was not very funny !

and Feb 9th 2010 Helsinki felt more like back to North Pole !
Some icicles longer than some windows and snow more than ever in 30 years !
Welcome to Winter Wonderland !

Rossi wasn't exactly amused and his overcoat kind of "shrunk" ;))

=> after good walk - time to return home

....... and sweet dreams !!

January 2010

GARDYTH B. Bardot => Freya & ANERDEE The Famous Grouse => Fiona

Freya and Fiona have spent holidays in Spain together during Christmas
time 2009 but had to part shortly after New Year 2010.

Freya had moved to live in Spain

Chester's park beautifuly dressed in snow January 6th 2010
temperature: -15 Celsius

First time in Chester's park for Rossi :)

the snow is COOOOLD !

walking like in a snow fairytale

Cherie, Dixie and Rossi had enough .....

not one step more !

Rossi enjoying himself - nice and warm back at home :)
* * * * * * * *
At the same time in Boston - USA

elderly Jack Russel gentleman owned by our dear friend Elina and
her family - walks outside in higly fashionable winter style ! :)

ANERIDEE Exclusively Bohemian

Just after Christmas our Tricolour puppy boy Herman went to his new
home to keep company to Hamlet, Anu & Jouni.

Herman & Hamlet => are great friends already


Training course as a present for Irena
October 24-25th 2009 in Porvoo-Tukkila

held by well known Gerard O´Shean

in Tukkila manege with the splendid painting of a horse
made the trainign even more enjoyable !

at the coffee break I went to see the horses and all
the memories flooded back of the times we had our own .....

Gerard on the break - and still teaching :))

and back to hard work !

intensive trainig

lots of movement, full of action and energy

and great many advise from
the professional Master of the "SHOW " himself

It was most wonderfull experience to follow Gerards lesson,
his handling was absolutely smashing !
Hope I remembered at least half of it to make our own
summer trainigs more helpfull ..... ;))

Thank you Eija so very much for this valuable oportunity !!

Carolina was invited by the King Charles Club of Finland
to judge their Summer Show August 15th 2009

The prices

The Kings

The secretary & The judge

Down to "business"

Standing pretty

A penny for your thoughts :)

Puppy Winners

Boy Winners

Girl Winners

Veteran Winners

handsome BOB Veteran

BOB + BOS = Golden Gloss !


Striding for the top spot !

Carolina's BOB and a Queen OF The Day !

Happy judge with all her precious presents
after the show

Irena was invited to judge Hur-Han's Match Show
Puppy Class & Best In Show - all breeds
May 16th 2009 - lovely and sunny day in Helsinki

BIS -1
was a lovely young Dalmation with boundless energy :-)

Carolina was invited by Finnish King Charles Spaniel Club
to judge Puppy Class at their Match Show
May 13th 2009

Blue ribbons puppy winner

Red ribbons puppy winners = 1st+2nd place

Judges decided to pick up the Red ribbon
puppy winner, a lovely Farao dog
BIS - 1