No Golden Oldies in our home right now, missing them all terribly ......
Cherie left our home in March 2011 at over 13 years old,
Dixie left our home in January 2012, also over 13 years old


**Dixie** at 10 years 9 months

**Cherie** at 11 years 5 months
June 2010

*Dixie* (b/t) => 11years+7months old
FIN Ch. ANERIDEE Queen Of Crest *Cherie* => 12years+4months old

ENTER to: Cherie & Dixie


Veterans are special treasures.
For us, our two Oldies are more golden with each extra day spent with them.

Both are still enjoying occasional run in park inour every day walk there,
both still have their sense of humore. Not chasing after rabbits anymore
but taking off to scare ducks or crows puts the spark into their eyes, especially Cherie's.

 Both have still all teeth, not looking as white and strong as before
but certailny can chew their cookie when they were good :)

Cherie makes her pack and any visitor dog understad, gently but firmly,
that SHE is the Queen of the Castle ! :)

Pictures taken June 10th 2010

CHERIE - 12 years 4 months

DIXIE - 11 years 7 months

Dixie & Cherie => Best Friends