About Us

We are an International family. We lived in 4 different countries and
travelled around many places far apart in the world – Europe, Asia,
Africa, North America and Australia.  
We settled and live at the moment in Helsinki – Finland.


Irena was born in Prague – the heart of Europe and the city of hundreds
of spires, at that time the country was called Czechoslovakia,
now Czech Republic.

Irena founded the ANERIDEE home kennel in 1995.
She is a member of Cavalier Clubs in UK, Czechland, Slovakia, USA and Finland.
The best achievement in the dogs´ world and the highlight in the ring : 
winning with our 1st Cavalier, Chester - Ch. Fontelania Crest : 4x BOB at
Club Shows and finally his World Winner 1992 crown and Best Of Breed
in Valencia-Spain.

Later agenda is to plan breeding, check health and lines of pedigrees of the
possible parents. During summers Irena trains small breeds for shows and
general good behaviour.

One of the summer training in Chester's park

Irena was invited to judge Puppies & Best In Show
in Match-Show in 2008, while Carolina was her secretary :)

Best In Show was a lovely Spring Spaniel

All animals are passion and one can never show a fear ! :-)


was born in the beautiful kingdom of Thailand, also called
The Land Of Smiles.

Carolina is a member of Cavalier club in UK and Finland, she is also a trained
Secretary and Ring Stuart for FCI Dog Shows, and has passed in Finland Basic
and Advanced courses in breeding.  

Carolina's graduation photo - instead of a rose -
with CHESTER& his 6months old girlfriend Chelsea in 1997.
At the same Carolina became the co-owner of ANERIDEE kennel

The best achievement in the ring so far – is making up Saro -
Aneridee Rainbow Glitter = INT & FIN, LV, RUS Champion

Caro and Saro

By now, Carolina is handling in the rings all our dogs, or dogs bred by us

Carolina and Carmen

Carolina training with puppy Titine

Carolina showing off Dudley in 2008

Once again the family motto :
All animals are passion and one can never show a fear ! :-)


" Thanks heavens this animal is bronze! "

was born up North, in the land of thousands of lakes – called in
Finnish language Suomi = Finland.

Karia husband and father, and a great help caring for our dogs. Never wanted
to have a dog in the first place, and it took us almost a year to convince him of
the wonders of living with dogs.
Our first dog came “ over Kari’s dead body “, just like most of our other pets,
but luckily Kari is still reasonably well and alive ;))
Without his share in our hobby we could not succeed as well as we do. 
In his next life he wishes to be Irena's dog ;-)


Breeding Cavaliers is not our livelihood, it is our hobby which we take
nothing but seriously. We breed a little and try for quality and good health

of the lines. To find good and responsible homes for our puppies has always
been our aim.

Until now, during 16 years, we fortunately went wrong only a few times,
trusting people who in the end were not trustworthy, but all in all most
of our dogs have loving and caring homes, which we consider the best
reward for a small breeder like us.

We prefer to find and place permanently our bitches in breeding to responsible
homes and keep only two, max. 3dogs as our very own.

That way all the dogs get more attention, love and better care, and we people
can also enjoy even more the company of our hairy family members and still have time for ourseves and for some of our other hobbies.

Most of the owners of dogs bred by us and the families who care for our girls
in breeding are also our dear friends.